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Welcome to Bullyhead Dog Obedience! We are here to help you and your dog establish a level of communication that makes sense for everyone so that you can keep your dog in your home with your family. We work with you to fix the problem from the root and build upon that. This creates a better environment for your family and helps you avoid having to surrender your four legged family member to a shelter or rescue. The last thing we want to see is a family get separated because of something that can be managed.

We offer free evaluations, so there's nothing to lose by taking that first step to a more manageable household that includes your dog!

From puppies to seniors... From Chihuahuas to Pit Bulls... All dogs... All breeds...


I would like to thank Lisa for all the work she done for my dog beefy. She works wonders with dogs. Beefy has totaly changed his bad habits an 100 percent better dog! I did the 10 day program he has calmed down no chewing, no jumping on people. I would recommend everyone to try Bullyhead Dog Obedience.
K.C. Griffin (10 Day Obedience Program)
We enrolled Te’o in the group class and it was well worth it. Te’o may not be perfect but we have learned how to correct some of his bad habits. I think we were in training as much as Te’o was. I would highly recommend Lisa’s class she did great!!
Brad and Angela Holzhausen (8 Week Group Class)
Lisa, I would like thank you for the great job you did with Daisy. Lisa is great, I can’t say enough. It was a great experience for Daisy. Now momma just has to break her old habits and do things the right way. Lisa has went above and beyond to help me learn the correct way to do things with Daisy. I can’t thank her enough.
Sherry Price-Macharia (10 Day Obedience Program)
Lisa is absolutely amazing. Vedder’s life will be forever changed thanks to all the skills both he and I acquired through Bullyhead Dog Obedience. I HIGHLY recommend anyone with dog issues contact Lisa to see if she can help. You will be incredibly satisfied with the results.
Jen Petty (15 Day Behavior Modification)

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